Never Lose a Lead Again

Over 80% of brands are unaware that their online funnels are broken. Monitory is a 360° alerts solution for your digital marketing.

Know Your Funnels Are Always Working

With our complete suite of monitoring tools we keep your digital assets and campaigns always running smoothly and looking great

Visual Perfection Assurance

Forms and Funnels Validation

Performance Monitoring

Broken Link Detection

Know when your digital assets are not looking sharp

We constantly monitor your website, landing pages and online campaigns to make sure they are always looking sharp.

Be alerted when your forms are broken

Realizing your lead generation forms have been broken is a painful experience. Monitory ensures your forms are working optimally across the board and at all times.

Site down or slow? Not on your watch

The content team uploaded huge images and you’re getting low SEO score? Monitory will let you know as soon as anything is slowing down your website.

Ensure your visitors have a smooth journey

Even if you got the coolest 404 page on the block, you'd never want visitors to get it just before they buy. Monitory let’s you know as soon as it detects broken links on your site or landing pages.

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